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Friday, February 5, 2021

Paladine - Entering The Abyss

Now this is a fun one. As much as I hate to admit I love power metal. I also love Dragonlance. Imagine my guilty pleasure when I found out that Paladine's Entering The Abyss was a power metal album exactly that. Yes, it's incredibly nerdy and over the top, but also isn't that what you sort of expect when listening to a power metal album? Isn't that why all of us signed up to engage with the genre in the first place? Yeah I thought so. Entering The Abyss is a masterful offering, and another gem in their label, No Remorse Records crown. 

With big choruses and melodic guitars, Entering The Abyss is just a blast through and through. This is a band who deal heavily in the tropes of the genre but they execute on them well. The guitar heroics in particular are impressive, with songs like 'Sacrifice Of A Hero' leaving you scraping your jaw off the floor. There is a great melodic sensibility behind this band and the level at which they execute time and time again is really delightful. It speaks to a truly talented band who seem capable of basically anything. It's a stunning effort from a band who continually up the ante and prove they are among this generations power metal greats. 

Anthemic and powerful, Entering The Abyss is a testament to all that makes power metal great. It's dorky and unashamed, careening out of your speakers and proving that the over the top shred of Paladine is just the sort of addictive metal madness to get you through your Friday. Entering The Abyss is truly a delight to sink your teeth into and continually impressive. Let yourself really dig into the magic and experience the sublime poetry of this band at their finest. It's practically guaranteed to melt your face all the way off. What more could you want? 

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