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Sunday, February 7, 2021

Sporae Autem Yuggoth - The Plague of the Aeons

Now this is a masterful release. Sporae Autem Yuggoth are a Chilean death doom band and their execution on The Plague Of The Aeons shows that they could very well be progenitors of a new generation of death doom. The sound is crushingly heavy, yet not afraid of melody. It's enamored with bone crushing grit, but eagerly forces your head into the dirt. It's a death doom record that fundamentally understands the nature of the genre and leaves you wanting more from a group eager to crack skulls. 

The Plague Of The Aeons is a stunner because of how it eagerly leans into the sheer quality of the songwriting. While the band execute at a slightly more upbeat tempo than many of their peers, they emphasize a frightening sense of crushing reality over a desire to craft grandiose soundscapes. The need result is an album that is tantalizing in its execution. It's a record that lets you really feel the crushing sadness of the band members and which seems to have a grit that many of the bands peers really lack. this is what serves to make The Plague Of The Aeons such a compelling offering and one that will keep you in awe. 

Sporae Autem Yuggoth have proven here that they are a one of a kind force in the world of death doom. The South American scene for this music is really interesting and seems to have a lot of nifty layers to unpack. The more you peel back the skin though the more clear it becomes, The Plague Of The Aeons is a masterful EP, and hopefully just a thrilling first taste of what more is to come from these Chilean death doomsters. Join me in entering the abyss and falling in love with the unkind pill of this album once more.

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