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Saturday, March 13, 2021

Cthonica - The Lesser Incantations of Chthonic Lore

I've always loved the super primitive, guttural and blasphemous side of blackened death metal. The Lesser Incantations of Chthonic Lore is a wonderfully demented example of this from the Venezuelans in Cthonica. The frightening offerings and twisted ministrations found within are stomach churning and wonderfully vile. With dungeon level production and endlessly dark ministrations, this is the sort of record that only the devout death metal fan will love. But by god will they love it. Very few bands delve into territory this ritualistic and raw. It's a rare and demented treat. 

Playing out across three tracks, these vile offerings are just the sort of thing to make the stomach churn and leave you lying awake at night racked in fear. There is a certain sense of ethereal torment here that makes the record so fascinating. The more you uncover in their blasting fury the more it becomes clear that this isn't just another South American death metal band. It's easy to see why two top notch labels like Sentient Ruin and Caligari Records would want to collaborate to put it out. The Lesser Incantations Of Chthonic Lore is masterful in its execution, entirely because that execution is supposed to be muddy and fucked up. 

Cthonica have really impressed me with this record. They summon up a level of darkness and pain that North American bands with all their producers and relative political stability just can't touch on. The Lesser Incantations Of Chthonic Lore is a monster of a record and one that seems to just keep on giving. It eagerly delves into ever more frightening corners of the mind and has this sort of Satanic madness fueling it that only serves to make it all the more addictive. As you uncover these vomitrocious screams, the true will fall in love. 

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