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Friday, March 12, 2021

Múspellzheimr - S/T

Múspellzheimr are a black metal band on Amor Fati. These Danes eagerly pull from a variety of corners of the black metal spectrum in order to craft a sound that is exciting and profoundly theirs. Anonymous and wonderfully evil, they've been churning out music since 2014. However it does feel like Múspellzheimr is a big step forward for the band. It points towards bleaker futures and reminds us just how wonderfully blasphemous black metal can be when it is executed at the absolute highest level. What more could you want? 

The band does a really good job here of fusing both primitive black metal ideas, almost reminiscent of Hellhammer and the like, with things that feel much more modern and bombastic. It's really a delight to immerse yourself in this record because of this one two punch. Tracks like 'Sokkdair' and 'Selvaedr' sound fairly different, even though they sit next to each other on the album. Somehow though, Múspellzheimr are able to keep it all together and continually prove that they are a onoe of a kind force who can't help but to mesmerize. It's the sort of twisted offering that only gets better with each passing spin. Uncovering these hidden gems is what makes the album so worthwhile. 

While Múspellzheimr are certainly not reinventing the steel on their 4th record, they are doing a wonderful job of tapping into the elements that make them unique. The potent songwriting, devastating guitar tones and blazing execution is just the sort of thing that keeps you fascinated and delving ever deeper into their unique mindset and approach. It's a pleasure to really experience the deeply engaging power of this band and the more time I spend picking apart the many layers the more it becomes clear that this is a deeply profound offering. 

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