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Monday, March 1, 2021

Goath - III: Shaped By The Unlight

III: Shaped By The Unlight is a blackened death metal offering from Goath put out on the one and only, the incomparable, Van Records. This is a record that is masterful in its execution and which features vast soundscapes and skull cracking songwriting. While there isn't too much new stuff being done within this record, it remains an offering that will keep listeners enamored and even obsessed with what keeps coming from this band. It's deeply emotional and brings a certain power in its riffage. What more could a metalhead want? 

Goath charms in the devastating breadth of what they do. While the overall palate is one of blackened death metal, they flawlessly integrate doom or even post metal touches here and there to craft something that feels more grandiose and epic in scope. The delivery is full of hate, with tracks like 'Impregnated With Black Fire' really letting you feel the venom. A big part of this is the stellar production which shines throughout the record and really allows some of these songs to shine. It amplifies the emotion and helps to show that Goath are more than the sum of their parts. III: Shaped By The Unlight rapidly becomes a record that will mesmerize. 

In brief - this is the sort of thrilling album that helps to provide depth to the scene. The performances and execution are top notch and the songwriting rarely lags. You want records that lean into the wonderful bombast of heavy metal and Goath do an amazing job of just that on III: Shaped By The Unlight. It's a pleasure to immerse yourself in the strange and powerful conjurations of Goath and the deeper you delve the more you uncover wonderful and frequently forbidden soundworlds. It's the sort of demented record you can't help but to come back too. 

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