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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Minas Morgul - Heimkehr

Minas Morgul has been a band I've followed for a while. There have always been a lot of interesting layers to their sound but it really feels like these German black metallers have been taking it to a new level lately. Their thrilling new offering, Heimkehr only confirms this, stunning the listener with epic soundscapes and some of the bands most impressive songwriting to date. It's rare that a band puts out some of their best work more than twenty years into their career, but Heimkehr represents a new pinnacle for the band. 

The biggest change to note of course is the addition of Robse, vocalist of Equilibrium. He adds a truly exciting layer to the sound. His performances are top notch throughout the record and more than meet the standard set by the expansive songwriting. Heimkehr is also powerful because of the melodies showcased throughout. Padded as they are with expansive synths, songs like 'Epilog: Tiefe Narben' claw towards a level of beauty that has never been previously present in Minas Morgul's work. The compositions in general are exciting, and the more time I spend digging through these mystical offerings the more I discover to love. 

This is a diverse and powerful record. It leaves listeners excited and continually hints towards more to come. It's a record that was more than worth the four year wait we have had to endure for a new full length from the band. Heim Kehr is a dramatic step up for Minas Morgul and it sees them finding a new wellspring of creativity that will leave listeners in awe and very excited for the next ministrations to be unveiled. It's a delight to really sink your teeth into this record, it represents a twisted future and one that I am absolutely here for. 

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