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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Neptunian Maximalism - Solar Drone Ceremony

This record is amazing. Simple as that. The whole art metal movement is interesting to me in general, but this record is stunning. While some might say Solar Drone Ceremony, a record that fuses drone with jazz and psychedelic music is pretentious, I think that's just not getting the larger point. Of course this record is a bit much, but that's kind of the point. You knew that going in, just by looking at the cover. If you weren't ready you wouldn't press play. This is metal done in its weirdest and most ambitious form. 

Solar Drone Ceremony is a goddamn stunner of a record when you really spend the time immersed in the album. It's a record that fascinates with the breadth of what the band does and their unique perspective on the genre. Neptunian Maximalism are doing something grandiose here, exciting and powerful. It's the sort of thing that entrances listeners and speaks to twisted new realities. The drone elements combine with vivid soundscapes to ensure a listening experience that begs revisiting. Neptunian Maximalism have gone above and beyond on this record, it's an ambitious and thrilling effort that demands multiple listens. 

There are so many unique and exciting elements that go into this offering. It's a record that really fulfills its initial promise of 'Psych, meets drone, meets doom meets your worst goddamn nightmares.' To immerse yourself is to experience the insanity. It's a record that drives towards potent futures and reminds us that no matter how jaded we become, there are still interesting things happening in metal. The deeper I delve, the more I love it. And this particularly, and wonderfully weird offering is just another thrilling example of that.

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