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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Mortifero - The Death Ballads

Now this is a fascinating one. Emerging from Groningen as a side project for a group of black metal musicians with long histories in the scene, Mortifero is a gorgeous dark acoustic project. These bleak songs, very much in the vein of King Dude or even Lana Del Rey make for an emotional and powerful EP that will leave you staring death in the face. It's exactly the sort of wonderfully bleak music that you want to kick off your Tuesday with. What's not to love about the sorrowful ministrations and minor key melodies of their debut EP, The Death Ballads

Despite the relatively minimalist arrangements there is something surprisingly rich about this record. The breadth of the compositions and the haunting vocals come together to give us something really emotionally powerful. It's a delight to really sink your teeth into what Mortifero are doing, it's the sort of logical continuation and triumphant next step that you WANT to hear from this kind of band. There is a very elegant poetry behind the music that will keep you coming back, eager for more and desperate to uncover the hidden secrets of The Death Ballads. It's exactly the sort of surreal sonic poetry so many of us long for. 

Mortifero have done an excellent job of executing on The Death Ballads. It's a record that speaks to all of the potential of these musicians and so much more. The more time I spend uncovering the myriad layers the more entranced I am with the overall product. The Death Ballads is potent, powerful and surprisingly elegant, a record that you can really lose yourself in. It's a delight to experience these elegantly executed odes to the end of all things. Dive into the magic and experience these acoustic songs for the heart with me - it's worth it.

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