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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Archangel AD - Casus Belli

Man - I love thrash metal. Casus Belli is a killer new offering from Archangel AD and one which takes me back to misspent high school years stomping through circle pits to bands just like this one. Archangel AD are a blast to hear come together, and this new record is, despite a few missteps, a solid next step in a legacy of violence. Casus Belli is far too much fun to headbang along too - and their classic metal approach speaks to just how talented they are and how much they are continually bringing to the table.

Casus Belli hits a lot of classic points, but it's clear that Archangel are at their finest when unleashing high power hate. The mid tempo tracks like 'Demonolith' really don't do the band any favors and don't showcase the elements that make them so exciting. What I'm here for is vicious stompers and the over the top assault that really established Archangel AD as a Texas metal force in the first place. How can you not fall in love with the long hair thrashing madness of a track like 'Blasphemer.' It's the paeans to old school Metallica that help to really make this band sound exciting. It's what sets Archangel AD apart from the pack - because they have that same raucous energy. 

Archangel AD are an extremely fun thrash band at their best, and that's all I want to hear from them. When the band breaks out the high tempos and hyper power solos, we start to really get a sense for how talented these cats are. Casus Belli is a blast to turn all the way up and headbang your face off too. Yes there are some moments where it kind of falls apart, but as a general rule this is a rager that will keep you going. Press play and dive into the pit, Archangel AD certainly know how to thrash you back to life.

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