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Friday, May 14, 2021

Our Place Of Worship Is Silence - Disavowed, And Left Hopeless

Our Place Of Worship Is Silence burst onto the scene in 2016 with their record, The Embodiment Of Hate. With their latest blood offering, Disavowed, And Left Hopeless the band set themselves in a league of their own, dominating the listener with crushing guitars and punishing tones. It's a blackened death metal abomination that captures the imagination and speaks to just how twisted these guys are. It's a delight to immerse yourself in the demented conjurations of this band as they leap from gnarled peak to gnarled peak. 

There is something wonderfully interesting about the vile ministrations of Our Place Of Worship Is Silence. Since their debut they've established themselves as a band who can execute in some truly thrilling ways. This has only crystallized in recent years. Tracks like 'Fury Divine' showcase a band with a sense of hate and sonic punishment that few of their peers can really match. The crippling auditory blow that is the bottom end of this record is something that metalheads will salivate over. Our Place Of Worship Is Silence have found an impressive way to continue to crack skulls and develop their sound on this record. 

Disavowed, And Left Hopeless is a monumental effort. A crusher of the purest breed and a record that speaks to the power of volume and sludgy guitar tones. Our Place Of Worship Is Silence have gone above and beyond in crafting a record that leaves listeners in awe and proves that they are among the greatest American blackened death metal bands. Few acts capture the same sense of despair that these guys do and immersing yourself in these twisted idolatries is a rare delight few of the bands peers can match.

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