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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Stormruler - Under The Burning Eclipse

Fantasy and historically inspired black metal is not something we often see rising out of the US. Especially not on such a vaunted label as Napalm Records - but here we are. Their new offering Under The Burning Eclipse is absolutely masterful, the sort of exciting and over the top black metal that really makes my stomach churn in all the right ways. Stormruler have crafted something here that is powerful and exciting, a record to keep you headbanging through even the punishing heat of summer. It's a rager through and through. 

Stormruler largely pull from second wave black metal influences on Under The Burning Eclipse although they are not afraid to hint at other genres. One of the really impressive facets of this record to me is the production. It's a bit understated, and does a great job of fusing both the grandiose nature of the band with their DIY roots. The end result is something that is over the top and terrifying, a bellowing record that captures the imagination. Another highlight of this record is all the interlude tracks it has. While realistically this was done to optimize for streaming platforms, it's actually really cool to have such dedication to the interludes, it really builds the atmosphere for what's going on. 

Under The Burning Eclipse is quite the piece of work. It's an angry and powerful record that is unafraid to wear its influences, both music and lyrical on its sleeve. There aren't a lot of great USBM bands emerging who do things in the traditional style, but Stormruler have proven it can be done. It's a delight to really immerse yourself in the punishing slaughter of a track like 'Age Of Steel And Blood.' Stormruler are a one of a kind force here and the more time I spend in their unending decay, the more I'm impressed.

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