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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Ascète - Calamites & les Calamités

Antiq has been capturing a lot of the best material going on in the French black metal scene in recent years. The latest highlight is the masterful Calamites & les Calamités from Ascète. Their twisted sound and fierce compositions capture the imagination with their high energy delivery and continually remind listeners just how special the band is. With gorgeous production and a clear overarching vision, Ascète prove on this record that they are a truly potent French black metal band with a long future ahead of them should they desire it. 

Calamite & les Calamités impresses because of how it distills so many classic black metal ideas into a logical gestalt. While there is certainly the prettiness of Alcest here and there, one also hears the raw rage of Darkthrone. It's an intricate balance that continues to excite and point towards the thrilling sound that Ascète have carved out for themselves. Calamite & les Calamités hints at all that was ever great in the world of black metal. Ascète have found an exciting way to pumell forward, cracking skulls and speaking to the ethereal and potent ongoing triumph of a band who have been able to distill the magic of the genre to perfection. 

Ascète are an exciting listen for those of us who have committed our lives to the underground. It's rare that a newer band really understands the full breadth of the genre. Now, after a handful of demos and EP's, Ascètes debut album proves that they really can live up to their early promise and that they can in fact drive towards nobler, more twisted futures. Calamite & les Calamités is a masterful record and one that will capture the imagination. Will you let yourself get lost in the madness? It certainly seems merited for brethren of the kvlt. 

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