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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Gnosis - Omens From The Dead Realm

There's really something to be said for underground bands that choose an atavistic path in their songwriting. Such is the triumph of Omens From The Dead Realm, a record that sees there has been musical progress in extreme metal since the late 80s, but largely chooses to ignore it. While the primitive songwriting is certainly addictive, there are serious drawbacks, namely in the bands desire to incorporate weird amounts of diversity that don't always work. Still - Omens From The Dead Realm is overall a delightfully primitive release that will continue to fascinate. 

Omens From The Dead Realm eagerly plumbs the depth of classic 80s extreme metal, generally leaning towards the black metal side. As you pick through this release one can clearly pick up the influence of acts like Varathron and Mystifier on the sound. This is a group very much rooted in the classic elements of the genre and who triumph when they lean into those elements. Unfortunately when they diversify the sound things get a little weird. Throughout this record you'll hear random spoken word passages and even some more rock and roll riffs tat wile interesting on teir own, don't really make sense in the larger context of the record. 

Gnosis have crafted something here that is fierce and unrelenting at best and just a bit too unorganized at worse. As a general rule this record is a thriller and one that is going to make listeners excited to delve into the various offerings the band has unleashed. It's a logical third record for these Florida metallers and has me curious to uncover more from a band who seem focused in taking on the world and leaving the rest to suffer. Immerse yourself in their triumphant darkness and pay tribute once more to the legendary Nuclear War Now roster!

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