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Friday, May 7, 2021

Lucifer's Hammer - The Trip

Now this is a fun one. The Chilean trad metallers Lucifer's Hammer have always excited me and impressed wit hthe high powered nature of their sound. However - it is this new record that really sees the band taking things to a new level with high tempo ragers and powerful guitar harmonies that reek of early Iron Maiden. Yes there are moments that feel a bit rawer than one might like - but honestly that just adds to the overarching magic and weird sense of fun that this record so clearly revels in. The Trip is a hard hitting rock and roll trip. 

It's fun to lose yourself in the classic metal magic of a track like album closer 'I Believe In You.' These mid length offerings touch nicely on a lot of the core ideas of the genre whilst simultaneously building on them in a way that hints at more that could come. It's a promising next step from a band who eagerly lean into some of the more bombastic elements of the sound. You've got to love songs that get your fist pumping and head banging. It's the sort of strange and stripped down poetry that enchants listeners and gets them to keep coming back. Lucifer's Hammer understand the fun of heavy metal and have no problem injecting that straight into your veins. No, the band doesn't come up with some sort of visionary new idea - but that's part of the fun, you know what you're gonna get. 

The Trip is a triumphant record that, despite the limitations of the production and songwriting comes off as a loving tribute to early 80s heavy metal. It's full of the sort of tropes that made us love the genre and routinely reminds listeners just how special the band can be. There is so much to sink your teeth into here and if you want a high powered Chilean metal good time then you could do a lot worse than this. As is, The Trip is going to please true metal devotees - so who cares if anyone else is interested. It's fun. That's all that matters. 

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