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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Decoherence - System I

The press release describes Decoherence as 'Sonic void sculptors' and honestly I couldn't come up with a more apt title for these pioneering punishers of the eardrum. Their music is crushingly heavy, gloriously loud and full of unique and interesting twists and turns that see them bringing their unique brand of industrial black metal to the fore. This isn't music for the faint of heart but rather black metal that rewards those who have dedicated a lifetime to the genre. Those who seek to really come to understand the blasphemous sounds within. 

Decoherence use System I as sort of an opening rallying cry. The production is amazing, crushing walls of sound collapse around your ears and force you to really come to terms with the monolithic creation that Decoherence have wrought. There are so many layers that help to make this record special and interesting. The deeper you delve and the more you uncover, it becomes clear that System I is something different. Yes, it is industrial black metal, but it is industrial black metal that keeps on giving, that rewards devout listeners and keeps you coming back to uncover new and unreal layers in the tormented messaging. 

System I is an exciting offering and one that seems to get louder with every passing song. It's a record that will claw at your sanity and which I would love to see deconstructed for the live environment. As is though, this is an intimidating and all encompassing listen that is sure to keep you in awe and fascinated with the monstrosity that Decoherence have wrought. The title of the album, System I implies that there is a lot more to come from these guys - and I certainly hope so. Decoherence have the potential to really dominate the underground. 

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