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Monday, May 3, 2021

Fetid Zombie - Transmutations


Mark Riddick is perhaps best known for informing how a lot of death metals aesthetic has come to be shaped in 2020. Where would we be without his iconic logos or covers? Yet he also has a wonderfully sick death metal band - Fetid Zombie. Their new record, Transmutations is an absolute monster offering full of demented twists and turns and constantly hinting at more to come from these forward thinking death metal freaks of nature. This is a twisted band to say the least, but their unique and brutarian vision is one that is weirdly addictive. 

You would think a guy like Mark Riddick who is so invested in what is a weirdly conservative scene like death metal would have a retro sound. That couldn't be further from the truth. While there are certainly some classic death metal tones and production styles used on this record, the songwriting breaks boundaries left and right. In fact if I was going to compare it to any of the classic death metal bands it might be Nocturnus. In terms of more modern acts though I'd have to say these guys are closer to Horrendous. They have surprising prog frills and off kilter atonal explorations that can't help but to excite listeners. 

Fetid Zombie have found a way to capture the imagination with a daring and powerful offering here. This is a record that routinely goes above and beyond and eagerly dives right for the throat. It's the sort of tormented music that leaves listeners in awe, excited for the demented things to come. Transmutations is a high powered and often unexpected record that will guide you from one twisted path to another. Enter the mayhem and experience their gnarled and exciting take on death metal. Prepare to fall in love with the raw hate. 

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