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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Vreid - Wild North West

It's good when black metal has swagger and bombast. It's especially good when that black metal is Norwegian. Vreid meet all these criteria on their death defying new record, Wild North West, an over the top and exciting offering that goes for the throat and speaks to the high powered raw rock energy of this record. It's an album that very much pays tribute to the things that make Norwegian black metal great but brings in a sense of excitement and over the top fury that I think very few of the bands peers can really live up to.

Wild North West excels because of the twisted elements that it so eagerly brings to the fore. Counterbalance this with some surprisingly rich arrangements and you have a hyper powered black metal record that demands countless listens. Vreid prove time and time again on Wild Northwest that they are among the great songwriters in this genre. The epic power of the compositions only speaks to how talented these cats are and all that they are bringing to the table. Vreid have found the next step in their careers, and even after 2018's much vaunted Lifehunger they have found ways to move the needle and keep it exciting. 

Vreid capture the imagination with this record as they storm out of the gates of hell. They evoke demented visions of a dark future and continually prove that they are out to take on the world, one bloodthirsty vision at a time. If you can't immerse yourself in this level of blasphemy then Vreid isn't for you. This is epic and powerful black metal that stays true to the core tenets of the genre. Vreid have taken significant steps forward on Wild North West and devout fans from across the glove need to sit up and take note.

Get the album!



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