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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Razorbats - Mainline Rock 'n Roll

There is really something to be said for the earnest, high powered energy of the Scandirock scene. These are bands who are delivering good old fashioned rock and roll with tons of energy and an overarching sense of fun. There is something incredibly charming and exciting about their new record, Mainline Rock 'N Roll. These are rock anthems done right, high powered and at a million miles an hour. These are hard rockers that will get your fist pumping and see you unleash full throated bellows supporting the manic energy of the band. 

Mainline Rock 'N Roll is inherently a very charming album. It's a record that routinely surprises with the high energy fun that has come to shape the band. Razorbats impress with the overarching sense of bombast that fuels the record. It's music that, while devoid of real surprises, certainly makes for a good time - which is really all you can want. Mainline Rock 'N Roll belays an understanding of classic rock tropes and deploys them with a grit that feels distinctly modern. It's a delight to let these high volume anthems of revelry and resilience wash over you and prove just how talented the folks in Razorbats really are. 

Razorbats have come out of strife, both from coronaviurs and as a band to craft what is perhaps their most potent release yet. Yes, there are moments that feel dated, but that's part of the appeal. What you get with Mainline Rock 'N Roll is earnest, balls out rock that is going to make you feel good and excited for the future of what's coming from these Norwegians. If you can't fall in love with the high power magic of this music then you are going to get left behind. Razorbats are coming to take on the world - you gotta show up to support them. 

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