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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Impaled Nazarene - Eight Headed Serpent

It's hard to believe it's been seven years since the last Impaled Nazarene album. It's even harder to believe that this is their thirteenth. These black metal madmen have been hard at it for over thirty years now, and Eight Headed Serpent proves that they are just as bloodthirsty as ever. Impaled Nazarene come blazing forth once more with their truly ferocious and unyielding brand of Finnish black metal. The bloodthirsty blasts and unrelenting guitar riffs join together to provide thirteen tracks of brain melting violence. 

All the classic Impaled Nazarene elements are here. The level of intensity that the band manages to keep up throughout their discography is admirable. This album is no exception. It sees Impaled Nazarene executing at a million miles an hour and forcing listeners to choke on the bitter pill of unreality. The blazing fury that goes into a track like 'Metastastizing And Changing Threat' is a little bit terrifying and really speaks to the punishing hate that fuels the band. Eight Headed Serpent proudly proves that all of the over the top tropes that Impaled Nazarene have adhered to for decades now were carefully chosen for a reason - to smash your skull. 

Few bands can really maintain the insanity that has defined Impaled Nazarene. On Eight Headed Serpent we hear a neverending barrage of twisted war cries and fierce guitars. The moments that we break free of that, as on the doomy intro to 'Debauchery And Decay' become all the more terrifying as a result. It's just so much fun to hear bands unleashing like this and continually proving that they are a one of kind metal thrashing force driving things forward. Eight Headed Serpent is a monster of an album. Buy it. Experience the hate.

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