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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Amenra - De Doorn

After four years and a punishing pandemic, Amenra are back. The Flemish art hardcore masters have pieced together another absolute masterpiece. De Doorn (Which translates to 'The Thorn') is the first Amenra record to have an actual name, after 6 records titled Mass I-VI. It's also perhaps the quietest Amenra record to date. It takes the bands sound in a direction only hinted at on prior releases, but one in which the guys truly succeed in making something exciting, powerful and deeply emotional. It's dark and meditative music that will leave you in awe. 

There are explorations here that mark some of Amenra's boldest explorations to date. Tracks like 'Voor Immer' are largely stripped down reflections of the self that resonate in a really deep way. I think that fans weren't necessarily expecting extended acoustic guitar and bass driven offerings, but devotees of the band know Amenra have been experimenting with more acoustic music for a long time. Furthermore - it means that when the band does head into a heavier direction, as they do for a triumphant conclusion to the record, it is made all the more poignant and really continues to give back in a meaningful way. 

Look - I love Amenra. In my eyes they can do no wrong. We knew from the start De Doorn was going to be a departure for the band, similar to how basically every record to this point has really been a step in a different direction but always tying back to the same core thesis. De Doorn is a masterpiece and a record that will keep devout listeners in awe. Amenra have gone above and beyond to impress here and immersing yourself in the glory of De Doorn is wonderfully emotional, the type of thing that keeps people coming back time and time again. 

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