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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Thisquietarmy x Away - The Singularity, Phase II

I was really impressed last December with Thisquietarmy x Away's debut effort together, The Singularity, Phase I and how it really captured the imagination with its gentle ambient vibes. The record was just a phenomenal testament to the power of weird and dark music. This follow up only ads to that legacy. Subdued and stripped down, it's a lot of fun to lose yourself in the gentle elegance of The Singularity, Phase II with its epic soundscapes and deeply emotional overall vision guiding listeners into paradise. 

A complete nap time jam, there is a marvelous potency behind the dark vibes that define this record. With most tracks really only featuring simple synth lines and Away's deceptively colorful drumming, The Singularity, Phase II is a beautiful offering that really gets a lot out of a relatively simple set of sounds. One gets the sense that they are journeying through the stars on a whisper silent space craft, simply exploring the magic of sound and letting us listeners be lucky enough to get to listen in as two great minds work together in refining something that is silky smooth on the ears and really begs multiple listens. 

While this record is pretty basic in execution, it's the larger overall vision that makes it transcendent. The layers of sound interlock in fresh and delightful ways. The quiet poetry of these songs makes them infinitely addictive. These instrumental synth and drum wanderings are not necessarily multi layered prog bangers, but rather triumphant and introspective odes that leave listeners looking deeper, curious to see where we go next. Unpacking these layers and really letting yourself revel in the vision is what makes it all so appealing.

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