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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Severed Boy - Tragic Encounters

Man there has been so much good death doom happening lately. One of the raddest recent additions to this pantheon is Severed Boy. Their punk and black metal fueled take on the genre is truly potent. Relentlessly DIY and eager to lean into some of their most twisted visions, Tragic Encounters showcases a band on the brink of despair. The press material tells us this record was written during a manic episode in quarantine - and every second of this record makes that painfully clear. This is a crusher any way you slice it. 

Tragic Encounters does a great job of really evoking the punishment of the DIY ethos and the crippling power that this music can have when really executed properly. The monolithic riffs that define the opening track are just a hint at what's to come on the rest of this record. It's over the top bone grinding hatred of the sort that we can't soon forget. To lose yourself in the deathcrush is an honor that will keep you entranced and spitting venom for the rest of your days. Severed Boy are here to spread their pain and you can only continue to be impressed by the undying torment that seems to haunt these guys. It's stunning. 

Severed Boy have done a great job of sharing their pain with the world on this record and it's a twisted pleasure to really immerse yourself in the devastating assault that Severed Boy represent. Tragic Encounters is a powerful and darker than life statement of anxiety, depression and existential pain. To experience it is to find yourself lost in layers of hate that terrify and torment the listener. Immerse yourself in this darkness and find the bitter unreality as it comes to life. You're going to be charmed and terrified all at once.

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