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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Concilium - Desecration

Now this is a weird one. The intense and devilish renditions that define Concilium are powerful and exciting. The crushing avant black metal hate that has come to define this band is morbidly fascinating, speaking to a band who are demonic and delightful. This is black metal taken to its most brutarian and terrifying extreme. With barely audible vocals and layers of harsh noise punishing listener,s only true devotees are going to really get into something like this. But by Satan is it worth it if you really sink your teeth in.

Reveling in the fury of this record and the hate that makes them so special is a huge part of why listeners would dig into Desecration. Concilium have all manner of twisted visions that feed into this release and which make it such an alienating offering. It's a record that really leans into the weirdest corners of the genre, and it makes for something gloriously oppressive. In other words - if you like the recent stuff that their label, Sentient Ruin, has been putting out then this will be for you. However, if you aren't going to get excited about brainy noise metal then this is probably a record better left on the shelf for someone weirder. 

Desecration is an evil record and one that eagerly alienates those who haven't spent a lifetime actively seeking out some of the weirdest black metal out there .It's a record that rewards the outsiders and those who really seek to unpack the most twisted layers of this music. Falling in love with the madness is just a part of Concilium's appeal. It is black metal done in a way that takes the genre to its logical extreme, full of gnashing of teeth and overdistorted guitars that are barely comprehensible. This is a punisher, but if you're here for it, it will rule your world. 

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