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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Iceburn - Asclepius


It is not an exaggeration to say that I have been waiting for this record for half a decade, and many of my friends have been waiting much much longer. After years of reunion shows and rumors emanating from the Salt Lake City hardcore scene, Iceburn are back with some of their most challenging material yet. The hardcore cum heavy free jazz act always impressed with their brainy takes and complex song structures. This latest record only builds on that, speaking to the bands impressive talents and where their music will take them next. 

Asclepius impresses in how purely Iceburn it is. It takes all of the weirdest sides of the bands sound and distills them into something powerful and emotional. The crushing magic of this record comes in two long form tracks. Though each is well over a quarter of an hour in length, they remain fresh and exciting. In some ways they feel more like epic movements than anything else. As you navigate the triumphant performances on tracks like 'Healing The Ouroburos'  one really senses the triumph of the Iceburn Collective riding again. This is a far ranging work that pulls on a diverse range of life experiences and leaves listeners in awe. 

There is a lot to be mesmerized about with Asclepius. It's a record that requires the complete devotion of the listener but rewards those who really give their emotional energy to this record. It's an album that was years in the making and which provides the much anticipated next step in Iceburn's history. Even if this is the last thing that they ever do, one gets the sense that it's a fitting coda to a band who helped to bring new definitions to what hardcore could and should be. This is a must listen and one that will remain fresh for years.

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