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Friday, June 11, 2021

Thy Catafalque - Vadak


Thy Catafalque are nothing if not impressively prolific. In 2020 the band release a full length and an EP, they're already back with Vadak another full length that continues to build on their wide ranging and eclectic take on avant garde metal. Vadak sees Thy Catafalque broadening their scope and envisioning all sorts of exciting new elements as they continue to build their vision and share something grandiose with the world. It's the sort of exciting progression on the Devil's own music that you have to love, because it provides breadth. 

One of the things that really catches me on Vadak is the fusion of more traditional folk elements with touches of synthwave and electronic music. In fact, one might be hard pressed to call this a metal record at all. Yes there are occasional heavy parts, but the weird apocalyptic dance number that is 'Kicsiko' seems much more typical for the band. There are so many unique twists and turns here and bold new folds in the myth. Thy Catafalque have constantly found ways to reinvent themselves and uncover new ideas in their 20+ years as a band, and this offering is no exception, they can't help but to impress with creativity. 

Vadak is a new high point for Thy Catafalque. This is a band who have never been afraid of breaking boundaries and who refused to be told what to do. This next step in their development feels natural and like a growth of years of hard work and sonic exploration. Join their vision and become entranced once more with the overarching power of the work. Vadak is a potent offering and one that fans of experimental and underground metal are going to enjoy. Very worth multiple listens, who isn't going to be entranced?


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