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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Consumption - Recursive Definitions of Suppuration


It's so rad when you hear a band who worships OSDM but in an unexpected way. Such is the case with Consumption. They are a death metal band on Petrichor who pay tribute to the altar of deathgrind Carcass. The sounds of records like Necroticism: Descanting The Insalubrious and Symphonies Of Sickness spread their reek throughout this album. The skull cracking insanity of Recursive Definitions Of Suppuration is gloriously twisted. It's a delight to really sink your teeth into the demented riffing that defines this record. 

While Recursive Definitions Of Suppuration may be a bit rough aroudn the edges that is clearly intended as a part of the appeal. Tracks like 'Splenium Corporis Callosi' revel in the sloppiness and the limiting factors on the record. Even if the vocals are too high and the drums don't always sound great, this record remains a blast. It's about that sense of danger, the sense that this whole thing could fall apart and that it's all about sharing the evil with the masses. Consumption aren't trying to reinvent the steel here, instead they are trying to pay tribute to an era of death metal that really doesn't get enough credit these days. 

At there best Consumption are triumphant. At their worst, they sound like another sick band fro mthe early 90s who you missed out on. Consumption do an excellent job of cracking skulls and laying down the law on Recursive Definitions Of Suppuration. Letting yourself get swept up in their death metal slaughter is a delight. It speaks to the high powered hate behind the music and will keep you coming back. Yes they are steeped in old school sounds and imagery, but if that's what you love, this is gonna resonate.

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