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Friday, June 18, 2021

Dungeon Serpent - World Of Sorrows


Dungeon Serpent - now THERE is a band name. These Vancouver crushers eagerly go for the throat on their new record, World Of Sorrows. This is five extended tracks of punishing old school death metal fury. Unafraid to explore more melodic or brutal pastures, Dungeon Serpent prove that they are the next twisted force to be emerging from the Great White North. Their hard hitting and blasphemous sounds are sure to capture the imaginations of devotees of the underground and continually speak to a devilish set of headbangers here for your skull. 

There are some pretty remarkable displays of technical ecstasy throughout this album. The title track in particular, an eleven minute epic of grandiose proportions can't help but to charm listeners and show them that yes, these guys are the real deal and their take on the genre is exciting and powerful. I can't help but to adore the bombastic magic of what's being done, both in the records most brutal moments and when they take the foot off the gas so that you can just appreciate some of the raw playing on its own. Dungeon Serpent know how to write a death metal rager and the proof is that World Of Sorrows is full of 'em. 

Losing yourself in World Of Sorrows is a treat. This is a death metal fans death metal album. There's a little bit of every side of the genre here and even a couple blackened frills to keep things interesting. These Vancouverites are clearly a very talented group of guys and they are doing exactly the sort of thing I want to see built on within the death metal underground over the next few years. It's bloodthirsty and over the top. What's not to love if you're trying to find some music that will bash your skull right in?

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