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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Vouna - Atropos

Now this is a crusher. Vouna are a new art-doom band emerging from the ever fertile musical breeding ground that is Olympia, Washington. Their second full length, Atropos is coming out on the one and only Profound Lore. It's a massive step forward for the project and hints at so much more to come from a band who walk in the footsteps of Subrosa, My Dying Bride and other grandiose acts who have impressed so many listeners over the years. This is simply the next step on that, seemingly destined to grace the stage at Roadburn and so many other chic underground festivals. 

Atropos impresses because of the breadth of the sound and the elegant poetry of the execution. Vouna's behind the scenes mastermind, Yianna Bekris has progressed in leaps and bounds since her debut, and it's a delight to lose yourself in what's been done here. The violin work in particular is entrancing. Tracks like 'Vanish' can't help but to impress and leave you begging for more. There are just so many gorgeous layers to what's going on that to lose yourself in them is a true delight. Vouna understands the tropes of the genre on a profound and exciting level. It's far too much fun to really immmerse yourself in them and experience all their glory.

Still one gets the sense that Atropos is not the peak of Bekris's powers. This is just another step towards a truly monumental offering. As is though - Atropos is a doom metal stunner. It's multi layered and showcases a musician whose abilities dance all around. From blackened screams to transcendent choruses, she has crafted something larger than life that speaks to the human condition. It's this sort of doomed beauty that leaves listeners in awe and coming back for more. There is a great talent here and this is just part of her path to triumph.

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