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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Darkthrone - Eternal Hails......


Time may beat on unforgivingly, but Darkthrone reign eternal. Their latest offering, Eternal Hails...... is more glorious Darkthrone fare, heavy, evil and true to the core. In all the discussion around this record I think my favorite quote came from a friend who said "No matter what Darkthrone do, they still sound like a couple of guys who really love Celtic Frost." And that's basically it. These are dudes who fucking love Celtic Frost, any way you slice it. This latest offering, which explores a doomier side of the sound evokes that, but so much more.

Eternal Hails...... is a great reflection of how Darkthrone are able to massage their trademark sound into any number of situations. In this case the twisted ululations of a track like 'Wake Of The Awakened' speaks to their ability to bring in a few doomier or even hard rocking riffs into what is ostensibly a black metal soundscape. Another key note is this is the first Darkthrone record not done at their legendary Necrohell I or Necrohell II studio but instead in a proper studio. While the changes are not that obvious, there are a few expansions (Like the use of a Moog) that are pleasant surprises and hint at new directions the project could take in the future. 

This is a twisted and vile record of the sort I think we've always wanted from Darkthrone. It sees them exploring crushing components of their unique blasphemy and reminding us again and again just how good they are. There are few other bands in the world who can evoke such a dark range of emotions as Darkthrone, and on their 19th album the guys prove they are still among the best to ever do it. Eternal Hails...... is yet another masterful offering from some of the best to ever do it. Listen now and experience the hate. 

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