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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Marras - End Times Sermon


Now this is evil black metal. Marras execute on the grand finish style of the genre and it is an honor to hear a band like this unveil the crushing evil. The high powered hate that they unveil throughout this record is charming and speaks to the ongoing power of their own End Times Sermon. This is a record that can't help but to mesmerize and which continually goes above and beyond. To lose yourself in this blasphemy is a delight and it keeps listeners entranced. Few bands get it the way Marras do and their torment is our sonic delight. 

End Times Sermon impresses because of the sheer rage and fury that fuels tracks like 'My cold Grave'. The nihilistic stripped down magic of these offerings is potent and speaks to a band who understand the raw magic of the genre. There is a grandiosity and a larger than life vision that fuels what these guys do. End Times Sermon is the sound of pagan and unholy gods coming to life and evoking times forgot. The clarity of vision and the way the band so eagerly lean into what makes them special, that is to say atavistic and primitive sounds, the easier it is to see that they are a truly special group who will continue to build on the ideas of the old gods. 

Marras have really impressed me with this offering and their label, Spread Evil proves definitively that they know how to find the good evil stuff. End Times Sermon is tormented and powerful, the type of stuff that really helps to shape what makes this genre great. The synth padding, savage vocals and unrelenting rhythms speak to an old school ferocity that beings listeners ever deeper into the pit, mesmerized by the hate and thrilled with the bands ability to keep delivering the raw old school vibes that so many of us live and die by. 

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