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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Wald Krypta - Possessed By Nothingness

Wald Krypta is a North American black metal band whose ferocious sound calls to mind some of the most evil bands of Frances Les Legions Noires. The twisted fury that drives their latest offering Possessed By Nothingness is violently seductive and speaks to a band who drive forward with great, determination and more than a little malice. It's the sort of crushing and twisted black metal that speaks to the monochromatic and powerful nature of the genre, enticing listeners with a hint of the pummeling deathcrush. 

Possessed By Nothingness is the sort of extreme metal hate that mesmerizes when done correctly. The bass playing in particular is a highlight on this record, providing a meditative backdrop to masterful offerings like 'Drowned Into The Last Realm.' Meanwhile the shrieked vocals have a sort of swollen potency that leaves listeners in awe and speaks to these guys ability to really lean into some of the more twisted aspects of the sound. Wald Krypta continually impress with some of these blasphemous frills and their ability to show fans that they can plumb new layers of darkness and despair. It's the sort of bitter, entrancing magic you can't help but to love. 

This is a masterful release and one that will carry you off to dark lands and speak to twisted times forgot. Possessed By Nothingness is a black metal addicts black metal album. It's heavy and tormented, high powered and exciting. The raw nature of the music only makes it all the more compelling. This is not a record for the sane or put together, it's a record that speaks to endless, ageless sorrow and gives listeners an outlet to delve further into a world of dragons and kings, demons and rings. Grab the record, it's a stunner.

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