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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Defacement - S/T

Rare are the records that make me stop and say out loud, "Damn, this is a sick record." Defacement though, is one such record. It's an offering that is, for all intents and purposes, a monster. The glorious torment that shines through on this record with its larger than life guitars and fierce guttural vocal performances is addictive and speaks to a band who know what it means to really go for the throat. The demented visions that guide this offering are addictive and will leave devotees of the underground delving deep into the underbelly of this insanity. 

Defacement really thrive in the dungeon dwelling punishment of tracks like 'Disenchanted.' Splaying out over nearly 10 minutes it's a track that uses twisted noises as a bridge between moments of blistering blackened death metal. The overarching vibe is powerful and disturbing, a testament to the twisted vision behind this record. The punishing unreality that they craft on Defacement borders on the terrifying, encouraging listeners to uncover blasphemous ideas and weird new concepts within the realm of a genre that seems to only get darker. Losing yourself in a rapture of bleak ideas is a strange sort of triumph. 

This is a masterpiece of a record that encourages isolated listening as you revisit every fucked up thing you've done in your life. It's a record that makes us come face to face with some of the bleaker aspects of the human condition and which acts as a sort of conduit towards darker futures. There are throat ripping visions behind what's being done here that will leave listeners gloriously addicted and excited to come back to new material from this band. Defacement have found a way to conjure up pure evil with their blasted death metal visions. Join them.

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