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Friday, July 16, 2021

Alexis Marshall - House Of Lull . House Of When

I'll never forget seeing Daughters right before the pandemic. When Alexis Marshall took the stage it was stunning. There are frontmen and there are frontmen. And it was clear he was tapped into some next level shit. Such is the power of Alexis Marshall as a performer. It means that his new record, House Of Lull . House Of When stands apart as a veritable masterwork, a record that shines and speaks to the ongoing power of this type of music. Ambient and exploratory, this is a record that fuses everything from noise rock to high art. 

There are a lot of weird interlocking layers that make up House Of Lull . House Of When. There's the elegant poetry of a track like 'Youth As Religion' and the sneering smash and grab tactics of 'It Just Doesn't Feel Good Anymore.' Alexis Marshall's ability to conjure up a slew of different images and play with a wide range of sands but make them all feel like a part of a cohesive whole is impressive. Not a lot of artists have that capability, to really take things to the next level and continue to charm listeners wherever they may roam. House Of Lull . House Of When is a masterful offering in its diversity and vision. 

This is an offering that demands multiple listens. It's a record that showcases the breadth of Marshall's interests and reminds us just why he has become such a vaunted artist to underground devotees across the globe. At times abrasive and at others visionary, House Of Lull . House Of When is a record that acts as a sort of portal into the mind of one of this generations great underground voices. Really losing yourself in this magic and spending the time to really grasp just how weird this record is is more than worthwhile. 

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