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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Midwife - Luminol


Midwife burst onto the scene a couple years ago with a deeply emotional and powerful brand of dark ambient music. I love the breadth of her work and the way that these tracks interlock and really speak to the overarching magic of her music. There is a breadth and vision behind the execution of her latest offering Luminol that makes for some compelling and powerful listening. This is ambient dark music at its finest, full of emotion and speaking to the struggles of the common man. It's the sort of thing that pulls at the heart strings. 

Luminol is powerful because of the breadth of the execution and the transcendent chorus that shines through on a track like "God Is A Cop". As irreverent as a name like that might be, Midwife end up creating some really powerful and emotional music around it. It's exactly the sort of thing that keeps people coming back, in love with a sound that is powerful, emotional and a stunning reminder of just how gorgeous this all can be when you really immerse yourself into the guys and experience the power of what heavy and dark music can be. Midwife have gone above and beyond in crafting a record that will stay with the listener for years on end. 

This is a potent record and one that bears revisiting for devout fans. It's a record that speaks to a band who transcend and who emerged from a beloved DIY space to become one of the most interesting acts of their generation. Underground music is important because you can lose yourself in pure and raw emotions. That's exactly what Luminol provides, resonant and transcendent sounds that mesmerize listeners and leave them begging for more. The power of Midwife comes not in volume but in sorrow. Reveling in it is our privilege. 

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