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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Bizarre - Invocation Codex

Bizarre are a death metal force to be reckoned with. Invocation Codex is these Spaniards latest putrid offering of Finnish inspired death metal hatred. This is a record that wreaks havoc at a million miles an hour and eagerly delves into many of the more twisted sides of the genre. Invocation Codex may not reinvent the steel, but it is still a hell of a record and an album that eagelry flings itself into the most devastating of death metal grooves and leaves listeners gasping for air after it cracks skulls and forces you to choke on the bitter pill of our shared unreality. 

This is death metal done right, here to crack skulls and kick asses. The acrobatic riffing that defines a track like 'From Beyond The Grave' is tinged with otherworldly melodies and blasting drums underpin lessons in violent that devout students won't soon forget. It's really a delight to immerse yourself in the chunky riffs and the classic old school death metal atmospheres that shape this record. Tied into this - the quality of the growls is simply excellent. Not a lot of guys have pipes like this where they can really sound like they've been dragged out of the depths of hell to craft pure death metal punishment. All the ingredients are there, and Bizarre execute on them with aplomb. 

Invocation Codex is a death metal nerds death metal record. It pulls from the old school and does it in a way that is exciting and powerful. It's the sort of record that eagerly leans into some of the classic tropes and comes back with treasures heretofore unexplored. Bizarre understand what it takes to write a great death metal song and really lean into many of the more exciting elements of the record. Press play and you'll be transported back to a land of skull grinding riffs and terrifying bottom ends that will drag to the pit.

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