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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Norse - Ascetic

Norse have had my ear for a little while now. Their unique breed of blackened filth, resplendent with harsh noise frills and dark sounds makes for a particularly unsettling underground metal experience. This is the sort of record that eagerly leans into the most blasphemous edges of this music and which laps up the bitter pills that so many others simply choke on. Ascetic is a crusher of a record and one that will leave listeners terrified, gasping for air and begging for more. This is underground metal at its finest, tormented and glorious. 

Ascetic impresses because of the monochromatic way in which it paints dystopian realities that leave listeners begging for more. The pallid portrait that the band paints is terrifying and continually gets ever more twisted, consistently speaking to some of the bleaker elements behind this music. Ascetic is an album that really thrives on this bleakness, showing listeners ever weirder angles and encouraging them to discover new waves of what black metal can be. Norse have gone above and beyond on this offering, really making a point to show that they are a black metal addicts black metal band. The sort of group who eagerly push for obscene new shores. 

It's a delight to immerse yourself in what Norse have done here. Every record they put out takes them further down this journey of dissonant black metal and utter fury. To really let yourself get lost in this record is a delight and it speaks to the incredibly interesting layers that Norse so eagerly piece together. Ascetic speaks to a band with a clear vision and one who seem eager to twist and turn in exciting new ways. This may not be easy listening, but it is certainly a record that you are going to enjoy immersing yourself in. 

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