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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Galvanizer - Prying Sight of Imperception

Nothing like some good old fashioned old school death metal on a Sunday! The demonic ululations of Galvanizer are a refreshingly demented approach to the genre and one which seems to keep on giving as we immerse ourselves ever deeper in the death metal underground. The high powered hate that fuels this record is energetic and exciting. It's hard not to be charmed by the dedication to classic tropes and gritty guitar tones counterbalanced with vicious melodies that serve to make this record such a compelling offering. 

Prying Sight Of Imperception really thrives on the early 90s death metal sound. Having emerged from Finland (Where else?) the guys seem very much aware of their national pedigree and the ambition here is quite clearly to try and live up to that. Galvanizer accomplish this and more with a record that does a good job of delving the depths of old classics and coming back with new treasures. While at times the Carcass-isms might seem a bit too much, as a general rule Galvanizer act as a celebration of their influences, not an aping of them. The epic closing track, 'Of Flesh Unknown' provides a surprising amount of emotional depth too - proving that there is more to this band than initially meets the eye. 

Galvanizer hurtle forth on Prying Sight Of Imperception gnashing teeth and ripping out throats. They have gone above and beyond on this offering to consistently prove that they are another gem in the crown of Finnish death metal. There is a fierce magic to the fury that drives this offering and Galvanizer consistently prove that their brand of death metal is one that bears repeating. Bloodthirsty and just a little bit over the top it's really a delight to immerse yourself in the shredding guitars and devilish imagery that helps to make this record so special.

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