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Friday, July 2, 2021

Vessel Of Iniquity - The Doorway

Well this record is a goddamn monster. Vessel Of Iniquity is a blackened grind band replete with all manner of industrial and noise elements. The breadth of this offering is terrifying, it's a record that pushes the boundaries of all the genres listed above and then some. The end result is The Doorway, an album that proves the supremacy of Vessel Of Iniquity and whose monolithic compositions and massive scope will leave listeners in awe, curious for more and eager to unveil the twisted layers that make this such a special offering. Once more, their label, Sentient Ruin has unearthed a gem and proved to us all that they find some of the best in the game. 

The Doorway is one of those records that is so claustrophobic and intense in its approach that it's almost scary. The execution on a demented track like 'Self Not Self' really speaks to how intense these records can be and what exactly Vessel Of Iniquity are attempting to accomplish. The twisted vision that fuels this record is addictive. It unveils dark layers and continually suggests that we dig ever deeper into the myriad layers that make this such a weird and interesting record. Though Vessel Of Iniquity are pulling from a hodgepodge of influences, this is exactly what makes them such a compelling act and one who bear returning too as we unveil the myriad layers within. 

Vessel Of Iniquity will leave you scraping your jaw off the floor. The way they have elegantly sewed together a few disparate musical traditions into one demented whole full of dark imagery and blasphemous riffs is addictive. This is a record that goes beyond the extremes many of us are used too and it pays of dramatically. The Doorway is an obsessive and potent offering that will keep on advancing the cause and hinting at where the band can go next. Losing yourself in its super dense sounds will keep you in awe time and time again. 

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