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Monday, July 12, 2021

Sacrifixion - Shower Me In Death


Yeah this is what I needed for my Monday. A blazing four track seven inch from an 80s worshiping German extreme metal band. A record that eagerly apes early Death, Dark Angel and Kreator, with more than a touch of Sepultura, Sacrifixion's debut, Shower Me In Death is high powered hate delivered at its finest hour. This is an extreme metal addict extreme metal record, driving towards blasphemous new heights and continually suggesting wonderfully dark new ways that the band can double down on their retro approach. 

Shower Me In Death shines because of the fierce barrelling aggression of the record. In particular, the underproduced toms give a real sense of rough and tumble 80s demo magic. Yes they sound bad, but that's kind of the point. this feels like a band you would go see in your friends basement and slam a beer with after their set. This is an extreme metal band who lean into the tropes and force us all to choke on the bitter pill of this scene. Shower Me In Death is extreme metal at its gnarliest, and it makes for addictive listening. It's a record that touches on all the classic tropes of the genre and which is guaranteed to keep you coming back.  

The thing is - these extreme metal seven inches are ridiculously easy to reply and become obsessed with. At under fifteen minutes this is a record you'll finish playing and then want to hear all over again just a few minutes later. At least, that's how it works for me. Sacrifixion have a ton of promise and their ability to really lean into a lot of the classic tropes of this music is awesome. Losing yourself in these waves of twisted sound is so much fun and it speaks to a band who seek to invoke the gods of old. Join their quest and headbang through the week!

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