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Monday, July 5, 2021

Erdve - Savigaila


Erdve are a blackened experimental hardcore band whose approach is significantly less pretentious than I just made it sound. Their music, as it splays out across their new offering, Savigaila, is emotional, powerful and full of wonderful twists and turns. The rising and falling action that dances across this record is impressive and speaks to just how talented Erdve are. Savigalia showcases a band who are immensely talented and find a way to bring their vast skills across a whole range of genres to stun listeners of all sorts. 

The moment this record really clicked came on the more downtempo "Pragulos" where open throated cries and unplugged guitars come together to craft a sort of emotional pause before diving right back into the heaviness with the title track, which also happens to be one of the heaviest on the record. Erdve have really found a way to craft a unique set of rises and falls throughout their music that continually impresses and speaks to their ability to really mesmerize and impress the listener. The pummeling riffage of these tracks with their shrieked vocals and fits of senseless violence is delicious. It speaks to a project that is one of a kind and eager in its willingness to crack your skull. 

Savigaila is a crusher of the highest degree. It's a record that gives you moments to breathe before cracking your skull in with riffs upon riffs upon riffs. This band consistently proves that they are phenomenally talented and that very little is beyond their musical scope. Immersing yourself in this and really getting overtaken by the power of this composition is exciting and speaks to a band who are going to keep on growing and evolving. Seriously - press play on this monster of a record, you will not regret it.

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