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Sunday, July 4, 2021

Morningstar Delirium - S/T

Morningstar Delirium is a project featuring two of my favorite Colorado musicians, Kelly Schilling of Dreadnought and Clayton Cushman of Flight of Sleipnir. Their self released debut EP is a sorrowful four track offering heavy on synths and dark atmospheres. While this ambient post rock magic is not exactly in line with these artists previous works, it makes a lot of sense and certainly seems to capitalize on some of the darker elements that help to make Morningstar Delirium such an intricate and fascinating offering. 

With broad facing synths and transcendent choruses shining through this is a record that will take you away to parts unknown. The duo lean into the vast soundscapes of their music, inviting listeners to bathe in oceans of sound and really lose themselves in the gorgeous waves of darkness that sculpt these offerings. It's a delight to really immerse yourself in the magic of Morningstar Delirium and experience the glory of a record that came out of one of the darkest periods of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic we all struggle with. Morningstar Delirium is a glorious offering and one that shows triumph over darkness, even in its bleakest moments.

It's always interesting to hear musicians whose work you adore interlocking and coming up with something new and powerful. Morningstar Delirium impresses because of the scope of the work and the overarching vision that really decorates the sounds here. There are layers within layers and Morningstar Delirium finds a way to make it all work together from the electronic beats of 'Blood On The Fixture' to the sweeping soundscapes of 'Where Are You Going'. Get lost with me in this record. You'll love it.

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