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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Dude Trips - You Are The Reason I Hate Leaving

Immediately arresting and emotionally powerful, the Scottish emo of Dude trips is the sort of deeply moving music that keeps listeners hooked for life. Their new EP, You Are the Reason I Hate Leaving is a deeply sad and touching offering that speaks to the pain of growing up and the ongoing struggle of being. There is a very real honesty to the band that helps to make them an authentic and resonant force who will continually guide listeners to a sad place within themselves, but give them the strength to make it through, no matter what. 

You Are The Reason I Hate Leaving leans deeply into its emotional bonafides. It's a record that knows just how sad it is and how sad its listeners are. The journey it takes the listener on, telling the story around the depth of a pet, but also showcasing the pain of breakups and more makes for some compelling listening. This is a record that speaks to the sorrow of the human condition and odes so in a remarkable articulate and emotionally resonant way. It's hard not to be charmed with the strange grace and power of this record. This is modern emo done right, raw and honest, and almost guaranteed to get your eyes watering. 

Dude Trips have really gotten to the heart of the matter here. This is a record that is painfully relatable and honest. It's an album that speaks to a fundamental part of the human condition with its powerful chords and beautiful acoustic passages. Usually when I'm prepping to write a review I listen to a record on repeat a few times to get a real feel for it. This record though was so raw that I had to stop it from automatically replaying because I just couldn't handle the sadness that the opening track in particular has after such a deeply emotional experience. Seriously - listen to this. 

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