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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Nunslaughter - Red is the Color of Ripping Death

It's Nunslaughter time! The hyper prolific death metal pioneers are back with their sixth full length. While yes, there have been literally dozens of EP's, splits, singles and more since the bands last full length, there really is something to be said for the LP format. Their latest blasphemous offering ticks just over 34 minutes and is a crushing offering of death metal fury, blazing musicianship and an overarching vision of hate. Chock to the brim with lessons in violence, this is the apotheosis of death metal slaughter from these Midwestern masters. 

When you really immerse yourself in Red Is The Color Of Ripping Death you begin to get the sense that Nunslaughter are eternal. Don of the Dead has been leading a motley crew of gore obsessed gentlemen across five decades to bring out some of the most wonderfully vile death metal fury to ever soil the earth. Ultimately, Nunslaughter lean into the same tropes that have served them well for the last 35 years here. There are classic death metal elements and fringes of punk that tie the whole thing together. The end result is a masterful record that will leave listeners addicted and curious to hear more from a band who seem to continually be pushing towards bitter new futures. 

The freakish cry that kicks off one of the records strongest tracks, "Beware Of God" really speaks to the ongoing depravity of Nunslaughter. This is a band who have continually shown that not only are they a one of a kind metal force, but one who have the sort of bloodthirst most of their peers can only play at. Nunslaughter are a legit triumph, a force in the world of the underground and a band who will be reaping the souls of the innocent long after mortals like myself have left this reality. Grab the record, get your skull caved in. 

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