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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Cherym - Hey Tori

Now this is an interesting one -pop punk from Northern Island pulling from the influence of everyone from Smashing Pumpkins to American Football by way of Pup. The end result is a nicely polished and surprisingly well composed pop punk record that speaks to a truly talented band who are executing on their brand of pop punk at a very high level. Hey Tori is a truly potent offering and one that seems to continually one up itself. This is pop punk done right, unafraid of its influences and willing to entrance listeners. 

So yes - Cherym aren't really reinventing the wheel on this record but they are doing a great job of crafting fun, hooky music that will keep you coming back and excited for what the band is trying to do here. It's a truly fun way to delve into and interact with the sounds that Hey Tori so elegantly pushes together. The end result is a record that puts smiles on faces and speaks to the heart. There is something to be said for the emotional depth of this record too. Even though the musicians are all fairly young they do a great job of really leaning into their life experiences and sharing some of the struggles of day to day life in Northern Ireland. 

Timeless and fun, Hey Tori is a real blast of a record that though it barely ticks over 15 minutes is the sort of release that you'll keep coming back too. It's addictive and honest, just what you want from a pop punk record like this. These girls have done a fantastic job here and this opening salvo only hints at much more magic to come from a band who seem to really have a deep understanding of just what goes into crafting great, powerful and emotional music that you can really come back too and find yourself totally enamored with. 

Pre-order the album!


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