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Monday, August 16, 2021

Slimelord - Moss Contamination

How can you not be stoked on a band called "Slimelord"? And Moss Contamination is nothing if not a killer name for an EP. So imagine my excitement when I pressed play on this beast and the music was legitimately good. Yes it's rough around the edges and features some dungeon level production but that's kind of what you want out of a band like this. This is crushing death metal done right, pulled straight from the sewer and proud of its warts. It's the sort of record that is atavistic in approach, but in a way that feels authentic rather than try hard. 

The most notable aspect of this record is the bottom scraping and weirdly breathy death growls that the band features. They have a sort of wonderful primitivism to them, much like how many of the early extreme vocalists sort of had their own unique techniques because there was no real established method yet. It helps to give the whole thing a very down in the basement vibe and amplifies the old school atmosphere of what Slimelord is doing. While this is certainly not for everyone, those of us who really low old school death metal and not this weird modern reimagining of it are going to find it a delectable offering. 

Moss Contamination is a masterful record and one that is going to kick your teeth in any day of the week. It's a release that shows a deep and fundamental understanding of old school death metal and which seeks to be a part of that pantheon in the purest and most blasphemous way possible. I can't help but to love the oppressive crush of what Slimelord have conjured up here. This is death metal done to drag you into hell. If you're not into that then you might as well leave the hall. As for the rest of you - get ready to be ground to dust. 

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