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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Outer Heaven - In Tribute


Man - this is a cool one. The pandemic cover album has become one of my favorite staples to emerge from this cursed time, but when it's as good as In Tribute by Outer Heaven it becomes more than worth it. Part of what makes this record so fun is that these are songs these guys have been talking about for years, I know because I've spoken with them about some of them over the years. It's kind of badass to get to experience, especially when done in the chainsawing gut wrenching way that makes In Tribute such a stunner. 

While the covers here are mostly what you would expect, including bands like Mortician, Morbid Angel and Death, Outer Heaven do a great job of putting their own spin on them. The trademark crush of "World Of Shit" for example is really given a solid coat of fresh paint, that while not straying too far from the original, certainly does a good job of helping to prove that Outer Heaven are a one of a kind force in the genre who you have to respect. Their deep understanding of this style of music is exciting and it's a delight to really feel the immersive and devastating hatred of this five track EP raining hatred down upon listeners. 

In Tribute is fun because of how loving it is. this is a project that eagerly leans into the old school death metal roots of the band and elevates them beyond so many of their peers. If you love death metal then this is going to be a very fun listen for you. It's the sort of record that rewards nerds and speaks to the enduring power of the underground as we delve ever deeper into the twisted visions and brutal assault of one of the undergrounds sickest bands. Immersing yourself in this potent sonic torment is a delight and one that I won't soon forget. 

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