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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Dawn Of A Dark Age - Le Forche Caudine

Seven albums in and Dawn Of Dark Age is still somehow really one of the only black metal bands to use the clarinet. This incredibly interesting project has always impressed with the breadth of what it offers, but this latest offering, Le Forche Caudine certainly seems to take things to a new level. Based around the battle of the Caudine Forks, this is a sort of history as an album. Significantly less jazzy than prior releases, this is perhaps the bands most black metal fueled release to date and one that can't help but to entrance. 

This all being said - the clarinet still has a central role in the music of Dawn Of A Dark Age. The instrumentations in general are exciting with bagpipes, tambourines, trombones, vibraphones and more making their way onto the record. There is a breadth to the compositions here and a potent overarching vision that helps to make Le Forche Caudine an exciting listen that is going to keep giving and bring listeners ever deeper into the narrative. With just two tracks splaying out over 39 minutes things are given plenty of room to breathe and really immersing yourself in what Dawn Of A Dark Age are doing on Le Forche Caudine makes for some delectable listening. 

Few bands can really come to bat with the same level of vision as these black metal visionaries. Their approach to the genre is iconoclastic and exciting, exactly the sort of thing that leaves listeners excited for more. It's hard not to be enamored by the uniqueness of these compositions and the willingness to bring in a diverse range of ideas in order to ensure a record that is a clear step forward for a long running project that insists on continually challenging expectations and forcing listeners to become entranced with the music. 

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