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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Grieving - Songs For The Weary

Crushingly heavy, gloriously fuzzy and more than a little evil, Grieving's latest offering, Songs For The Weary is a stunner, the sort of record that pushes the imagination and reminds us exactly why we all love it slow and heavy. These Polish masters have found a way to prove that there is far more left in old tropes than one might expect, and it's a delight to immerse yourself in the crushing hatred that really shapes their sound in all its occult glory. This is a record to immerse yourself in, if only because the distortion is so massive. 

Grieving balance a few core elements in order to ensure Songs For The Weary remains masterful. At the core of everything is the riff, Sabbathian in its glory. The production sounds nice and wide open, the washed out vocals add a sort of classic horror elements to the music too and help fuel the fire. There are psychedelic vibes that really help to top the whole thing off and keep it just a tad weird. Songs For The Weary has a certain bleak humanity too it. Tracks like 'Foreboding Of A Great Ruin' may come off as a tad rough here and there, but that's part of the fun. The extended jams and phased out guitars come together to make a potent soundscape you wander through. 

Songs For The Weary is a thriller any way you slice it. It's a record that nicely ties into a diverse range of wonderful elements in the stoner and doom scene and proves that these Polish lords deserve a seat at the table. Grieving is an inherently exciting band, and the fact that they are signed to Interstellar Smoke Records only further attests to their quality as a label. Grieving consistently prove on this record that there monolithic riffs and death defying performances are the sounds of a band gone mad. Letting yourself get lost in it is part of the delight. 

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