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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Duncan Evans/Wilderness Hymnal - Until Liars Fear You

Now this is a split. Fusing the works of two amazing dark artists, there is a deep emotion explored on this split between Wilderness Hymnal and Duncan Evans coming out Trepanation Recordings. Emotional and exciting, Until Liars Fear You is a very emotionally honest deep dive into some of the darkest moments of both artists discographies. Immersing yourself in it is a rewarding experience and a reassuring slave in an incredibly hot summer where we all have had to come face to face with our own fragile mortality.

The duality between these artists is cool because on the surface both are extremely similar. They are both crafting really sorrowful and powerful music that feels a bit larger than life. Wilderness Hymnal, who kick off the record with a mournful male solo vocal are particularly good at this. It sets the tone for a side that is wonderfully deep. When they finally kick on the distortion it feels like a natural extension rather than trying to melt faces. Meanwhile Duncan Evans builds nicely on his past catalog to establish something that really speaks to the soul with its reassuring choruses and overarching sense of truly English magic. 

This is an interesting record and one that really leans into it doomier and darker elements, even though both bands rarely ever actually lean into distortion. It's cool to hear a pair of artists sitting together and crafting something that reflects such a similar set of emotions. They have a shared vision that makes this split masterful and which encourages listeners to dig deeper and uncover even more about what is going on with these acts. For those of you who like heavy, dark and sorrowful music then this is the album that will guide your dreams.

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