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Friday, August 13, 2021

Hatemonger - The Vile Maxim

Yeah this one is fuckin' sick. Hatemonger are a death metal band for their time and place, delivering at a million miles an hour and cracking skulls along the way. A sort of pandemic supergroup featuring Chicago favorites including members of Novembers Doom, Without Waves and Yakuza among others, this is death metal done right. It's super fast ,incredibly heavy and clearly out for blood. Losing yourself in the demented vision of this band is exciting and makes for perfect listening in a blazing hot summer we all come to terms with our species mortality. 

One of the things that really gets me about this record is how topical the lyrics are. Song titles like "Plague For Days" and "Disinformation Campaign" seem incredibly fitting to our current time and place in the modern hellscape. It's a delight to really immerse yourself in these twisted offerings. Another point - the drums sound amazing. They have just enough of a house show edge as to stay dangerous but slot in perfectly in the mix and keep things from completely falling apart. Otherwise - a motley assortment of chainsaw riffs and excellently executed 'Blech's' makes for an incredibly fun overall experience that will have you moshing into the grave. 

Hatemonger really get what it means to be playing death metal in 2021 and rather than falling into any stale tropes or other generally boring bullshit that seems to plague so many other bands in the scene these days, these guys do a great job of just executing at a million miles an hour and forcing listeners to really choke on the bitter pill that istheir osund. This is deat hmetal done right and guaranteed to fuck your face off. You are not ready for the new wave of decimation coming from these militant neckbreakers!

Pre-order the album!

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